When to call for rescue

Almost like at home

If you fall ill or get a minor injury, it is in principle the same rules that apply in the mountains as at home - you yourself have to contact an appropriate health care establishment.

This may mean that you have to stay where you are for an extra 24 hours, or engage and pay for suitable transport yourself. Cottage hosts and tourist establishments can help you with this.

In cases of acute illness or accident

Contact the police via a help phone, or dial 112 if there is phone reception. Be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • What has happened?
  • Where is the site of the illness or accident?
  • How many people are affected?

After a medical assessment and prioritization, a decision is made as to whether, and if so, what type of rescue and/or health care measures are to be taken.

Society’s resources

The police is responsible for rescue operations in the mountain region via Mountain rescue, while the county council is responsible for health care. Both the county council and Mountain rescue work together in the mountain region, and depending on the type of event, one, or sometimes both, are called out to a person in need of help.

Remember that…

Society’s rescue and health care resources are primarily to be used for people in an emergency. Illness, minor injuries, poor equipment or poor weather that leads to a delayed journey home from the mountain trip are problems that you are expected to solve yourself.

Have a pleasant stay in the mountains!

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