The majority of the fishing waters in the mountain region constitute what is known as the Sami people’s year-round lands for reindeer husbandry. Fishing in the main part of the waters in this large area is administered by the county administrative boards of the mountain counties.

A large number of these waters, which include meres and lakes, as well as streams and rivers, are permitted for angling (sports fishing). The waters where fishing is permitted offer fishing based on naturally produced stocks, mainly of salmon trout, char and grayling in both easily accessible low mountain settings and more remotely located high mountain waters.

Waters where fishing is permitted

Fishing in the waters where it is permitted requires a valid fishing licence, which can be bought near each area in question. Fishing licences are sold at various resellers, including tourist information centres, tourist facilities, sporting goods and grocery stores and petrol stations. Annual licences are generally sold by a few individual resellers in every large town next to the mountains. For the reindeer grazing mountains in Jämtland County, you can also buy fishing licences directly online.

Exempt waters

Members of the Sami communities have the right of use for fishing throughout their Sami community. The Sami people’s fishing is overwhelmingly of a household need nature and is primarily conducted in waters that are not permitted for licensed fishing. So non-licensed fishing waters in the reindeer grazing mountains mainly make up household need waters for the members of the Sami community concerned (so-called exempt waters).

A body of water may also be unavailable for licensing for sports fishing because it is a reindeer herding area sensitive to disturbances or a sensitive area from a nature conservation perspective. Other reasons may be scientific interest or weak stocks of fish.

Fishing seasons

To meet the needs for protection of the fish stocks, and out of consideration of reindeer husbandry and nature conservation, the licensed fishing seasons can vary between different waters, which is described in the fishing list you can find at the respective county administrative board.

Safety and sports fishing in the mountains

For anyone in the mountains to fish, the same conditions apply as for hikers in the summer and skiers/snowmobile riders in the winter: well thought out equipment, up-to-date weather forecasts, map and compass, travel notification – tell somebody where you plan on fishing!

Do not wade in flowing waters above the knee and never set out in a boat or canoe without a life jacket. When ice fishing, great caution on the ice is important. Ice safety picks are a given and growing numbers of people also use floatation suits.

The ice can be treacherous, especially early and late in the season. A ski or snowmobile path is no guarantee that the ice is good today. There is reason to be extra careful on all regulated bodies of water!