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Those of us who work with mountain safety want everyone who comes to the mountains to know what to do to avoid accidents. For example it is important to have the right equipment and know what places to be careful of. Another part of the work is about what to do if one nonetheless ends up in a difficult situation in the mountains. A snow storm, thick fog or an avalanche may come as a surprise, for example.

Who works with mountain safety?

There are several authorities and organisations that work with mountain safety in various ways.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency is an authority that shall:

  • help the various activities cooperate  
  • ensure that there is information and training about mountain safety 
  • follow and support research and development work about mountain safety

When an accident happens in the mountains, it is Mountain Rescue that responds. The police is the authority responsible for mountain rescues.

Members of the council

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency is the authority commissioned by the Swedish Parliament and Government to be responsible for the mountain safety work.  To be able to carry out this work, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has a Mountain Safety Council comprised of people from 18 authorities and organisations that know a great deal about the mountains and mountain safety. 

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We would be pleased to hear from you if you have ideas or opinions of the work of the Mountain Safety Council. 

We are happy to help – but the responsibility is yours!

We want everyone who visits the mountains to have wonderful experiences and avoid accidents. We give advice and tips for the mountain outing and warn of the hazards that may exist in the mountains. But we have no control over the forces of nature. Those visiting the mountains themselves bear the greatest responsibility for ensuring that everything goes well.