Mountain Rescue

The police are responsible for searching for and saving people in the mountains. To help them, they have Mountain Rescue, which builds its efforts on volunteers who are trained and equipped by the police. 

Rescuers from Mountain Rescue help people who have gone missing or been subject to danger in the mountains.  They work under the management of a rescue leader from the police or a mission leader from Mountain Rescue.

Alpine Mountain rescuers and cave rescuers

Alpine mountain rescuers are specialised in working on steep sections, such as steep slopes and cliffs, like rescues with a winch from a police helicopter. There are alpine mountain rescuers in Kiruna and Östersund. Cave rescuers are specialised in performing rescue missions in caves. Several of them work as cave guides alongside the Mountain Rescue assignment, which means that they have extensive knowledge of the caves in the area. There are cave rescuers in Jämtland and Västerbotten.

Mountain rescue dogs

Mountain Rescue’s dogs are trained in avalanche searches and searches in mountain terrain. Every mountain rescue dog is led by a handler and belongs to a Mountain Rescue group. The dogs and their handlers are assessed and approved by the police’s test leader before they can begin working in Mountain Rescue.

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