The Mountain Safety Council of Sweden

With mountains safety means all the work that aims to prevent accidents in the mountains.
In Sweden the national Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket) is responsible for mountain safety issues.

Our  primary mission with mountain safety is to:

• facilitate coordination of the various activities included in the work with mountain safety
• promote information and training in mountain safety
• monitor and support research and development work in mountain safety

The police are responsible for mountain rescue. That is the activities that are launched when you know, or fear that an accident has occurred.

The Mountain Safety Council of Sweden

To assist in the process of mountain safety, the Environmental Protection Agency has a council consisting of representatives from agencies and organizations with a large accumulated knowledge and experience of the mountains and mountain safety.

At present the Mountain Safety Council  has 18 members and among them we can just mention the Swedish mountain rescues(CIFRO), the Police, the Mountain Guides association (UIAGM/SBO), the meteorological agency (SMHI) the skiliftowners association, the Swedish reindeer herders association(SSR), the national touring association (STF)  the national snowmobile association(SNOFED) and many more.

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